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Tagged by CheekyLombax

1. Favorite Animal?

chimera of my own creation (yes i know its cheating but i don't care;P) with the head of a wolf a lion and a dragon the of the body of the loin the back legs of a cheat the front legs of a gorilla and spider legs in between them spikes of the dragon coming down its back and hock (the back of the dogs legs) and the tail of a scorpion can breath fire and acid and has venomous fangs.

2. Who's your Favorite Character?


3. Do you know who Loki is?

yes a whiny little bitch why i wish i could impale with my first

4. You're running around and you see Slenderman. What do you do?


5. You a Brony?

what that pony show? no. :cough:PINKY PIE 4EVA:cough:

6. Do you like Sloths?

i like there mellow life style

7. Can you remember a Quote from one of your Favorite Characters? If so what is it?

no there are to many. :)

8. What Books do you enjoy Reading?


9. Favorite Game?


10. Can I stop now?


1.if you where a superhero what would your powers have?
2.what would your superhero name be?  
3.way you would like to be executed?
4.what is the CUTEST THING EVEA?
5.foaviret holiday?
6.thoghts on the playstation 4?
7.plan to take over the world? of first child?
9.favorit powerpuff girl?
10.worst pun you can think of?


i am quite excentric person

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